Syncthing Alternatives: 7+ Cloud Storage Services and File Sync Tools

In an age of increasing security concerns, privacy-focused tools like Syncthing have gained notoriety among the tech crowd. The app securely synchronizes files across computers and mobile devices. There are some great alternatives, most being open-source like Syncthing, which is important to many developers as the source code is always available to check for security holes. Others may prefer to put their trust in well-established commercial tools. Some alternatives require a decentralized server but you can easily filter for peer-to-peer tools to find the closest matches. Most tools have desktop apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. Many also provide Android or iPhone apps as well.


1. Google Drive –
2. Backblaze –
3. Nextcloud –
4. Dropbox –
5. MEGA –
6. ownCloud –
7. Microsoft OneDrive –


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